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Radgridview rowvalidating Desi cybersex chat site

If I understand you right, you have found a work-around for you case.

However, I would still like to investigate the issue further.

I have logged the problem into our Public Issue Tracking System and you can track its status here.

As a workaround, I would suggest you to set Rad Grid View.

So, if user just entered 'edit mode' and then jumped to another row without actually changing data - I don't want to show him this notification.

(I want to ask user only after I've validated that his changes are valid and hence I do it in Row Validating handler.

No values are changed in the data source before validation.

Please note that event fires only when changing the cell value using the user interface.

This method will not fire when setting the cell value with code. Greetings, Jack the Telerik team Thank you for the reply.

Is it possible to check whether any cell was actually modified in Row Validating event handler. Basically the validation could be done on data lever as well, rather that on UI level.

Probably it's possible to do it comparing all cell values with Grid View Row Validating Event Args. Could you please specify what exactly you would like to do regarding the validation, so that we could suggest you another way of validating the data?


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