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It also has information for people supporting an LGBTIQ friend or family member who is experiencing abuse.Bi Tasmania - Social and support group - 0401 054 003 ECQLS East Coast Queer Life Support - Contact Peter on 0467 000 748 or email: [email protected] Help for Parents - This website has been created by Australian parents who have struggled to find information about services and support for issues around their children’s gender identity.

Now our friends, family and supporters join us to create a more diverse Tassie. Wellington Wanderers - GPO Box 1872, Hobart 7001 or email: [email protected] WIO run several peer support groups.

Troops will be able to get VA treatment for sex assault without substantiating documents or a referral from military authorities or doctors, according to the new law.” Read the entire story here.

THE TANK MAN Air date: April 11, 2006 Written, produced and directed by Antony Thomas ANNOUNCER: Tonight on FRONTLINE: Tiananmen Square, June, 1989. ABC News Correspondent: People started to scream at us, "Take pictures! ANNOUNCER: ��and explores the bold gamble of China's leaders to quell the spirit of Tiananmen. They did this a couple of times, and then the tank turned off its motors.

ANTONY THOMAS: How do you prevent the fire from spreading? , Cisco and Microsoft have compromised their duty as responsible corporate citizens. P., Google Inc.: This was not something that we did enthusiastically or not something that we're proud of at all. And then it seemed to me that all the tanks turned off their motors because it was really quiet.

ANNOUNCER: Through their open embrace of capitalism. ANNOUNCER: Tonight on FRONTLINE, the story behind one of the most powerful images of our time. ROBIN MUNRO, Director, China Labour Bulletin: Standing in front of a column of tanks, no one around him, he was all on his own with his shopping bag in his hand.


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